Welcome to M0DGQ's Homebrew Ham Radio Projects

All mode 200W hf transceiver

all mode 200W hf transceiver

Multiband DDS CW Transceiver

HF, 6m ,2m SSB-CW transceiver

80/20m CW/SSB Transceiver

20m QRP CW Transceiver

80m Portable CW Transceiver


40m CW RX

80m -10m MRF9180 LDMOS RF PA

80m Direct conversion receiver

HF SWR Meter

20m QRP atu

20m yagi

Cheap 40m - 80m glowbug

80m 6V6 Glowbug

Russian rod pentode regen set

Battery valve DC-DC convertors

2m 400 Watt linear (2*4CX250B)

80m glowbug 6m 200 Watt linear (4CX250B)

2m 200 Watt Linear ( 4CX250B )

2m Crossed Yagi

4CX250B High voltage power supply

Two Tone Test Generator

Tait T520 and T525 4m conversion

100W 4m FM push pull amp using a QQV06-40A

A Slim Jim for 4m

Low noise 4m pre amp

Airband Rx

Simple L - Match ATU

Experimenters Bench PSU

Simple 4 channel audio mixer

airband RX

Triode single ended class A headphone amp

Morse code practice oscillator

2kW 48Vdc dummy load

Fender Champ guitar amplifier

Long Cable Run Intercom

Automatic porch lamp

Bat detector MK1

Bat detector MK2

Simple Geiger Counter

Simple metal detector

2m rx converter

20W transistor broadband HF linear

FM bug

A Simple Project - One Transistor TRF Regen Receiver

20m CW QRP transceiver

Making printed circuit boards

Temperature controlled soldering station

Sommerkamp FTDX500 / Yaesu FTDX400 restoration

UV lightbox

Eveready B2 broadcast receiver renovation

Halicrafters S-38 restoration

A future restoration project

The shack on a tidy day

Cornwall HF "DXpedition" 2010

QRP in Cyprus 2011

EI/M0DGQ/P 2012

D44TXP - 2013


Ameritron 811 linear amplifier

4m FM amp using QQV06-40A

Yaesu FL2100 linear amplifier

Yaesu FL2000B linear amplifier

Another FL2100B

Yaesu FT1000mp

Icom IC275H

Trio TR-9130

Kenwood TS570D

Yaesu FT-100D

Yaesu FC-102 ATU

Yaesu FT757 GX Mk2

Landwehr masthead 2m preamp

Landwehr 2m to 6m preamp conversion

Alinco 30 Amp switched mode PSU

Acer XD1150 projector

Hillman ultralite golf caddy

Indesit WIXE127 Washing Machine

Armstrong 521 - 525 modifications


Armstrong 521 - 525 output transistor replacement